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We didn't want to admit it at first... we didn't want it to happen to be
honest... but now... IT REALLY IS HERE!
What is it? The mobile era... Actual human conversations are over as
we know it. Dead and buried...
I used to get angry about our cell phone bills in the past but guess
what? NO ONE TALKS NOW! Everyone expects to get a TEXT
MESSAGE! So that extra $9.95 addon for unlimited text messaging
To me is sounds like regression instead of progression but it is just
the way it is... So now is the time to cash in big time! Because while
your teen is typing away until their fingertips are smoking and
blistered, some people are using it to propel their businesses to new
Never before has there been such a low cost medium to stay in
contact with customers. Hell like we said... it crushed verbal
communications and is on it's way to leaving email in the dust like the
roadrunner did to the coyote every Saturday morning...
But the problem is... Many businesses aren't taking advantage of it.
The reason is they don't understand it and they think it is incredibly
Well it isn't... and it is a way you can build a really big income... really
Nail Salons, Hair Salons, Bars, Theaters (live acting), Craft Supply
Stores, Home Party people like (Tupperware and Avon), Spas, Gyms,
Bakeries, Pizza Parlors, Coffee Shops...
We are just scraping the surface of the types of businesses that can
use the service you are about to offer them...
1.5+ Trillion text Messages were sent in 2009... yeah I just said
TRILLION... People use text messages for their main form of
communication now with mobile devices...
I mean people thought it was a fad... it actually almost seems like
more effort to type than to talk... but no... IT IS GROWING AT AN
Now smart big businesses are cashing in... small and medium
businesses are losing out... AND LOSING OUT BIG TIME!
You have a local nail salon in your area... They are offering some
crazy deal on a full set of chrome alloy, super sparkly, indestructible
fake nails... Woohoo!! they have an ad in the paper and on their
door... SO WHAT?
No one reads the paper anymore... no one looks at the sign on their
door... oh and that bulk mail they sent form the post office... The
husband threw that away as junk mail...
But the Nail Salon in the next town over grabs every customer's
mobile number...
They send out that sale and people are INSTANTLY notified... Do you
think they get at least a 2% conversion? Oh you damn betcha...
So now it is so simple for you to manage this for them and bring
massive value to their bottom line... and you are going to do it at a
great price... And you are going to be singing a new song called
“CHA-CHING” all the way to the bank...

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